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Phil is going on a National Theatre Wales Located Residency in 2020

The National Theatre of Wales have announced their Located Residencies for 2020 and Phil's project, Back to the Land, will be one of them!

Photo: Philippa Mannion

Back to the Land explores community farming in Pembrokeshire, creating a deep map of people’s relationships to the landscape through creative writing. Gathering words and sounds from participants, the collaborators of Back to the Land will narrate how people form connections with the natural world, when for many in our Western cultures this connection has never been weaker. These stories will add to discussions about the environment and our place in it.

Located Residencies are at the centre of NTW’s Creative Development programme. Throughout 2020, eight artists selected in an open call – from designers to poets to artist-activists – are developing early-stage performance projects on location across Wales, with NTW’s Emerging Producers.


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