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'Leaving Party' single out today! Download for free!

We've been busy for a while getting this one ready. This is the last single from our debut album and we're chuffed to launch it with a video made by Emily Lee.

You can also download the song for free on this here website or on soundcloud:

We're hosting a launch show 30 October at Gwdihw Cardiff -

We'd love to see everyone and their dog there. This has been a great journey to get to this point and we have worked with loads of awesome people to get to this point. Filmmaker Emily is just the latest in a long line helpful friends.

Emily spent a whole (very hot!) day with us down on Penarth Beach, filming us larking around. We got a fair few odd looks, and then confusingly people started asking if we were the band that was playing later on the pier. Apparently there was some sort of gig going on there, but we had nothing to do with it!

I hope you enjoy this song and see you at a show soon!

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