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Our favourite 40 albums of 2017 20-11

20. Hundred Waters - Communicating

One of my favourite bands. A unique blend of electronic and heart-felt song writing, often reaching exhilarating heights.

19. SZA - Ctrl

One hell of a debut. Lovely intimate RnB.

18. James Holden - The Animal Spirits

Jazztronica. Yeah.

17. Fever Ray - Plunge

Enormous soundscapes as always, but somehow very human at the same time. Don't know how she does it. A wonderful meeting point (or conflicting point) between a whole bunch of genres.

16. Tyler,The Creator - Flower Boy

A playful, thoughtful that is jam-packed full of colour.

15. Charlotte Gainsbourg - Rest

Anxious synth-pop for anxious times.

14. Zola Jesus - Okovi

Spellbindingly powerful. Like being submerged in cool, dark water.

13. Thundercat - Drunk

Bewildering in the best way. The bass lines make me feel ill. No idea how this is made, but I'm so glad it was.

12. Bjork - Utopia

Forever inventive and exploitative. Only just come out so give me a chance to digest it.

11.Girl Ray - Early Grey

Bright, inventive, loveable. I was stupid and didn't see them live this year.

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