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Our favourite 40 albums of 2017 10-1

10. Nine inch nails - Add Violence

Didn't really expect this one, and is it an EP? Don't really care - born out of Trent Reznor's hopelessness, this thing is intense.

9. Dear Nora - Mountain Rock

8. Alvvays - Antisocialites

Such a leap forward from their last album (which I liked anyway). Perfectly poised indie-pop.

7. Aldous Harding - Party

A truly different voice that has important stuff to say, but does so with extreme and arch elegance.

6. Perfume Genius - No Shape

So inventive sonically. Super intelligent pop and a celebration of life and love.

5. Big Thief - Capacity

'Mary' is one of the standout songs of the year, nestled at the heart of another special album by a tip-top band.

4. Richard Dawson - Peasant

Assertively Medieval. This is the first Richard Dawson album I've listened to and I've obviously been missing out.

3. Jesca Hoop - Memories are now

It seems like this came out before 2017, it's so burned on my mind having helped me through some troubled times. Tunes that seem vital, burning bright with emotion and inventiveness. We do this as a cover and no one ever knows what it is so it obviously needs sharing some more. Hoop!

2. Hurray for the Rif Raf - The Navigator

An earnest call for social change but also humongously charming.

1. Kendrick Lamar - Damn

You can read much better journalism about Kendrick, but he's a genius. GENIUS OF OUR TIME!

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