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Our favourite 40 albums of 2017

These are the albums we've most loved in 2017 in a vague order. Your favourites not there? It's probably because we didn't listen to them. Let us know what you've been listening to.

40. Phantogram - Three

Thumps along nicely with catchy melodies and aggressive beats.

39. Danish String Quartet - Last Leaf

Gorgeous Scandi-folk. Time travelling music, like finding a magic key to ye old times.

38. Dan Deacon - Rat Film (Original Score)

Partially written by rats. 4 rlz.

37. Run the Jewels - Run the Jewels 3

“A riot is the language of the unheard.”

36. The Gentle Good - Ruins/Adfeilion

A national treasure returns with a curlew heavy beautiful album, drenched in place and locality.

35. Julie Byrne Not Even Happiness

Sophisticated and swath. Soothing like Savlon.

34. Kamasi Washington - Harmony of Difference

Guess this is an EP but the last album was massive so gets a pass.

33. Fleet Foxes - Crack-up

Still great, even if it's not quite their best from start to finish.

32. Jay Som - Everybody Works

Californian warmth. Lush and melodic.

31. Timber Timbre - Sincerely, Future Pollution

Adding a more 80s synth sound to their dark song writing. Grifting is a particular Pink Floyd-style highlight.

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