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Charity double A-side single for Shelter Cymru

As a band for some reason most of us have had or have been through a stressful time with accommodation recently. We’ve been lucky and have had help and support from family and friends but it really made us realise how easy it is to end up homeless. We wanted to give something back and support others who haven’t been so lucky and thought asking fans to donate rather than music would be perfect.

So we're giving away our latest singles 'Lifespans' and 'Overturned Boat' completely FREE and asking that you donate what you might have paid to Shelter Cymru here:

Shelter Cymru help thousands of people every year who are struggling with bad housing or homelessness. Here's what they said about our campaign: "We’re delighted that Dusty Cut have released this single to highlight the very real housing problems faced by so many people in Wales - “hidden homelessness”. We hope that this music will raise awareness of the different forms of homelessness and the importance of place to call home. Shelter Cymru exists to ensure that every person in Wales has a basic right to a decent and secure home. We’re very grateful that these talented musicians are raising awareness of such an important issue. Diolch yn fawr"

You can download 'Lifespans' and 'Overturned Boat' here.


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